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We champion, connect, support & invest in creative people & businesses.

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Connect. Collaborate. Empower.

We champion, connect, support and invest in creative people and businesses. We’re a group of diverse and inclusive professionals who believe in the power of the creative industries to change lives, placing creativity at the heart of the UK’s culture, economy and education system.

Our goal is simple: to cultivate a world where creativity is championed, valued, and fundamentally nurtured.

We unite the creative industries and generate opportunities for innovation to thrive by investing in people and their ideas. We are here for those who dare to imagine: imagine a fairer, more prosperous world, achieved through the power of creativity.










Where our roots lie

Where our roots lie

The story of Creative UK

Creative England and the Creative Industries Federation joined forces to coalesce our collective capabilities, using creativity to shape the UK’s social, cultural, and economic future.

By merging the industry insights and advocacy work of the Federation, with the practical support and investment work of Creative England, we are now perfectly positioned to have visible impact and drive real change.

Our Logo

Our Logo

The story behind our emblem

Our primary logo mark consists of the amplification icon and our custom typeface in a full logo lock up. The primary colour application is black, but it can appear in block reverse and any of the main brand colours.

The icon represents our brand ethos is amplifying the creative industries. The mark is bold, recognisable and translatable, and can be used as a standalone icon as required to represent CUK in instances where the full word mark cannot be used.

Our Font

Our Font

The new Creative UK typeface

With the importance of how Creative UK Group speaks directly to and for its members, a bespoke font was created to best capture the care and attention which the brand leads by. Shaped through a timeless and accessible grotesk style, subtle humanist qualities gave way for not only a more distinctive result, but one which put people at its core.

Our beautifully handcrafted typeface is an integral part of all of our marketing and communication. The font will be made available to anyone in the creative industries that wants to use it to champion our brand.

We join the dots;

The new Creative UK typeface Collaboration is in our DNA

We bring creative people together, from all disciplines, turning up the volume on their voices, providing a platform for their creative ideas and projects, ultimately empowering them to amplify themselves. We forge connections; building and growing as a group is our superpower.

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