Annual Report 2020-21

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We are delighted to introduce our 2020-21 annual report, the first from the Creative UK Group, combining the forces of Creative England and the Creative Industries Federation.

Looking back as far as April 2020, it’s clear that Creative Industries have been hit hard by Covid-19, but our sector continues to show its ingenuity, adaptability and incredible resilience. Throughout this time the Creative UK Group, with the support of our members and wider industry, has worked tirelessly to champion, connect, support and invest in our country’s creative people and businesses.

After a long year of campaigning, our sector has achieved unparalleled levels of support from government with the extension of support schemes helping to reach some of those who have been hardest hit and the £1.57 billion Culture Recovery Fund.

The crisis has also presented us with an opportunity to do things differently. We brought the creative industries together to reimagine our world post-pandemic and create an inspirational view of our future. We connected with over 20,000 people through our virtual events, platforms and initiatives, including convening over 5,000 creatives at our inaugural Creative Coalition Festival.

We have invested moreover £4.1 million in loans and grants to support new ideas, helping creative businesses innovate, develop and grow. And we continue to launch new resources and support products, such as the £2.6m Culture and Creative Investment Programme with North of Tyne Combined Authority, to ensure we are there for every business, whatever their stage and need.

Find out more about our past year by downloading our annual report.

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