Creative Coalition Festival: A Cultural Change

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Creativity can change the world for the better. The first step towards meaningful change is conversation, and our Creative Coalition Festival 2022 connects audiences, creatives, and industry leaders, to help shape the future of our sector. We invite you to join us in reimagining, redefining, and reigniting the future of creativity.

Here is a preview selection of some of the line up thought leaders and changemakers…


Cultural Change Starts with Us

Tuesday 1st February, 11.40am

CEO of the British Film Institute, Ben Roberts took on the role in February 2020….and we all know what happened the month after. Fast forward two years later and he joins us as part of our Cultural Change panel to discuss what that means for a different way of working and how that impacts on  storytelling.


Rethinking the Economy

Wednesday 2nd February, 10am

Gillian Tait, Founder of Moral Money and editor-at-large of the Financial Times, U.S, has written four books including her award winning Anthro-Vision. As part of our Rethinking the Economy panel we will look at ideas around how we rethink and redesign our economy, value creation and asset ownership for a fairer, more prosperous world.


The Class Debate

Wednesday 2nd February, 11am

There are more than 263,000 working class people missing from the creative sector workforce. This matters and in this panel discussion led by Creative UK CEO Caroline Norbury we explain why and what we need to do to increase representation.


Black Lives Matter, What’s Next?

Wednesday 2nd February, 3pm

Black Lives Matter shone a light on institutional racism, how can we now sustain meaningful change in the creative sector?



Our changemaking work extends throughout the year, with the support of our members who input their resources, research and expertise.

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