Creative Enterprise releases inspirational new book: One Thing I Know

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Creative Enterprise (delivered by Creative England, part of Creative UK) today releases One Thing I Know – a new book to inspire the next generation of business leaders. Made possible by National Lottery funding from the BFI, the book has been compiled by Writer/Editor Anthony Story and designed by Fiasco Design. With the subtitle Hard Earned Insights From Industry Leaders, this 2022 edition is published following the success of the first volume of One Thing I Know in 2013. 

Creative companies are driven by passion. Most founders set out with a mission to produce inspiring work – not to wade through spreadsheets – but the business still needs running. While there’s plenty of advice around to help, it doesn’t usually focus on the specific issues faced by creative companies. One Thing I Know provides heard-earned insights from 33 creative entrepreneurs. Many have been there and done it before, others are still on the journey, picking up useful insights as they go. They all come from the world of TV, Film and video games – with many of them blending those media as the technology evolves. Their articles consider some of the critical business challenges they have faced and explore how they have tackled them. Separated into six chapters – Vision & Realities, Audience & Buyers, Creativity & Dedication, Growing Pains & Opportunity, People & Culture and Money & Focus – One Thing I Know is an essential source of inspiration and reassurance for anyone pursuing a similar path. 


Compiled by Writer/Editor Anthony Story, with original artwork by 16 illustrators, One Thing I Know includes forewords and essays from Creative UK’s CEO, Caroline Norbury OBE, and Creative UK’s Chief Investment Officer, Mehjabeen Patrick, as well as Anthony Story and Sir Ian Livingston CBE, best-known as the co-founder of the phenomenally successful company Games Workshop 




Caroline Norbury OBE, CEO at Creative UK said: “It is a paradox of the Creative Industries that too often our companies possess the talent, dynamism and ideas that are vital to making any business a success, yet lack the rigorous business expertise, structures or discipline found in other sectors. By vastly increasing and democratising opportunities for developing talent and sharing knowledge, I believe we can unleash untapped potential across the UK. The insights of the brilliant individuals who have contributed to One Thing I Know will surely provide a spark to set the creative curiosity or ambition of any aspiring entrepreneur aflame, offering practical guidance and inspirational stories in equal measure.” 

Mehjabeen Patrick, Chief Investment Officer at Creative UK said: “There are creative entrepreneurs and innovators throughout our sector using their considerable talents to push the boundaries of what creativity can achieve. While their talents are found in abundance, what is not so readily available is the funding needed for creative businesses to thrive and grow, or the knowledge often required to access it. Whether an emerging creative leader or established business founder, my hope is that people take from this book the confidence to believe in their abilities and ideas, and the conviction to remain true to both in the pursuit of success.” 


Anthony Story, Writer/Editor, said: “One thing that makes it lonely at the top, is having confidence that the choices you make are the right ones. This book shines a light on key decisions taken by a range of creative entrepreneurs at strategic moments in their careers. They provide a stream of insights, across all main elements of running a business, to explain the factors, motives and mistakes which helped them take the right path when it mattered.” 

To access a free digital version of One Thing I Know: Volume 2 or request a free hard copy (limited availability), please visit  

For press and media enquiries and to receive a hard copy of the publication for review, please contact Matthew Horne, Communications Manager, Creative UK on  / 07874 867947 






One Thing I Know contributors 


The full list contributors to One Thing I Know: Volume 2, is as follows: 


Adam Merrifield  Founder & Producer, White Lantern Film 
Agostino Simonetta  Chief Games Officer, Thunderful Games 
Dr Alison Norrington  Development Exec & Storyteller, Storycentral 
Alix Wiseman  SVP Distribution and Acquisitions, 9 Story Media Group 
Anthony Story  Innovation Consultant 
Beatrice Neumann  Film & Distribution Consultant, BeA Film 
Caroline Norbury OBE  Chief Executive, Creative UK 
Charles Wace   Director, Limesnapper Ltd 
Craig Fletcher  CEO, Wicked Sick Ltd 
Dan Da Rocha  Co-Founder & Managing Director, Toxic Games 
Dominique Unsworth MBE BEM  CEO, Resource Productions 
Eloise Singer  Producer, Singer Studios 
Erica Wolfe-Murray  Director, Lola Media 
Sir Ian Livingstone CBE  Entrepreneur, Hiro Capital 
Jay Shin  Co-Founder & Director, Arrogant Pixel 
Jo Southwell   Director & Producer, Aston Productions 
John Grafton  Managing Director, Moonrake 
Jude Ower MBE  CEO & Founder, Playmob 
Julia Short  Trainer & Film Consultant 
Kanya King CBE  Founder & CEO, MOBO Group 
Kish Hirani  Founding Chair, BAME in Games 
Laura Marshall  CEO, Icon Films 
Mehjabeen Patrick   Chief Investment Officer, Creative UK 
Melanie Rodrigues  CEO & Founder, Gritty Talent 
Miles Bullough   Managing Director, Wildseed Studios Ltd 
Nadia Jaynes  CEO, Little Monk Pictures 
Nick Pinks   CEO, Covatic 
Phil Edgar-Jones  Director of Sky Arts and Head of Entertainment, Sky 
Rebecca O’Brien  Film Producer, Sixteen Films 
Sally Blake  CEO, Silent Games 
Sara Gibbings  Executive Producer, Troy TV 
Tim Burrell-Saward  Head of Production, Mother Ultimate Ltd 
Dr Vicky Brophy  Producer, WONKY Films 
Walli Ullah MBE  Founder, Emu Films Ltd 
Wayne Davison  Chief Sales Officer & MD, International, Little Dot Studios