Paper: Creativity Without Limits

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Creativity Without Limits

Maximising the post-Brexit potential of the Creative Industries

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Work in the European Union has been a vital part of the success of the UK Creative Industries, aided by the free movement of creative people and goods, and access to European funding. Since the UK’s departure from the EU, creative workers and their teams must navigate the complex individual requirements of the 27 EU Member States – creating financial, administrative and legal burdens for the sector. The renewal of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement in 2025 is an opportune moment for government to address the unresolved issues outlined in Creative UK’s paper. But until then, we will continue to champion the post-Brexit needs of the Creative Industries to policy makers and decision-makers.

Based on extensive consultation with our members, including trade bodies and unions from across the UK’s Creative Industries, this policy paper outlines a series of recommendations that will unlock the sector’s post-Brexit potential and ensure that the UK is not limiting opportunity to those with ready access to money and resources.

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