Festival Session Spotlight: In conversation with YouTube’s Ben McOwen Wilson

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After addressing how we can Reimagine creativity on Day 1 of the Creative Coalition Festival 2022, on Day 2 we come together to Redefine our future; what is currently being done, by industry, creatives, and government to address the challenges facing the creative industries and what action can we take to redefine our future.

To start the day with an important and far-reaching discussion, Ben McOwen Wilson, Managing Director at YouTube UK spoke with our Chief Exec Caroline Norbury MBE about the ever-growing platform that creatives now have access to online, and the creative careers they can lead to.

From access to industry, levelling up, creative education and the progress that needs to be made on the perception of creativity and creative careers, lots of important ground was covered in this informative and thought-provoking conversation.

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