iFeatures 2018: Final 12 Projects

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We are excited to announce the final 12 filmmaker teams selected for our iFeatures development lab programme.

Championing outstanding emerging UK film talent in making their first feature, and embracing the ambition to foster diverse and highest quality debuts, 58% are projects led by female directors, 40% are all-female teams, and 25% feature BAME talent.

Original projects, a powerful sense of place and distinctive filmmaker voices are paramount to the final selection. These projects feature rich regional and national identity, with bold voices and story settings from all over the UK, including Belfast, Glasgow, Ilkely (Yorkshire), East London, Port Talbot (Wales), Canvey Island (Essex), Newcastle, Devon and the Lake District.  The projects span a wide range of stories, worlds and genres, from supernatural, folk horror, comedy and thriller, to robust and heart-warming dramas.

This year’s dynamic projects include:

  • HERE BEFORE (Stacey Gregg, Writer/Director; Sophie Vickers, Producer)
  •  A VOICE AND ITS ECHO (Simon Cartwright, Writer/Director; Emilie Jouffroy, Producer; Kamilla Hodol, Producer)
  • I FEEL BLOOD (Dean Puckett, Writer/Director; Rebecca Wolff, Producer)
  • AVI (Jonathan Schey, Writer/Director; Rachelle Constant, Producer)
  • NAN (Charlotte Regan, Writer/Director; Eoin O’Faolain, Producer)
  • MAN ACCIDENTALLY KILLS (Sean Dunn, Writer/Director; Alex Polunin, Producer)
  • A DYING ANIMAL (Hardey Speight, Writer/Director)
  • THE WHITE STORK (Meg Campbell, Director; Oliver Henderson, Writer; Marie-Elena Dyche, Producer)
  • PEOPLE ARE STRANGE (Nasheed Qamar Faruqi, Writer/Director)
  • BLUE JEAN (Georgia Oakley, Writer/Director; Helene Sifre, Producer)
  • GIRL (Chika Anadu, Director; Adura Onashile, Writer; Rosie Crerar; Producer; and Ciara Barry, Producer)
  • ACROSS THE WATER (Andrea Harkin, Director; Suzanne Cowie, Writer)

The new iFeatures Lab programme strands will cover storytelling, directing and producing. The Lab workshops will be dedicated to craft, exploration and experimentation, alongside intensive project development, production preparation, market readiness, mentoring and personal development.

For the first time, an iFeatures Podcast will be widely available to help further inspire and educate aspiring filmmakers, as it goes behind the scenes of each lab and documents the journey of the final 12 film projects. Following the end of the programme, the BFI and BBC Films have committed to supporting at least three films to production.

Continuing to develop quality British filmmaking remains iFeatures driving vision. Previous iFeatures productions showcase this with LADY MACBETH, APOSTASY and THE LEVELLING having enjoyed critical and commercial success, while launching exceptional new British talent into the public eye.

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