A Guide to Guide to Creating Immersive XR, NFTs and More (Creative Enterprise Workshop)

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A ‘New Year / New You’ Guide to Creating Immersive XR, NFTs and Location-Based 5G Productions

Curious about the ever-evolving, emerging creative worlds of immersive and interactive media production, where to start and just what the heck does it all mean? Join Executive XR Producer & Creative Technologist Muki Kulhan who’ll present this ‘easy to digest’ taster session giving a landscape overview of all things Immersive XR, VR, AR, MR, RT3D, Virtual

It’s the year 2022, and the creative industries are now truly shifting into more immersive, interactive, interoperable, real-time 3D, spatial worlds. So grab a coffee and sit back as we explore the opportunities within Creative Immersive Media, including an engaging keynote to provide a “101” overview of the current XR landscape, plus two fireside sessions taking a deep dive into NFTs and 5G, to learn how and where to get started creating and future-proofing your content, and, careers.

Watch the full talk below:

Lead by Muki Kulhan, who is a multi-award-winning (BAFTA, BIMA) Executive Digital XR Producer & Creative Technologist with over two decades creating groundbreaking content and interactive experiences for music, broadcasting, culture and tech innovation. Recent Executive XR work in has included launching a National Gallery X residency & “Art of London Augmented Gallery” AR app, and heading up creative 5G and immersive XR production strategies with ViacomCBS, Red Bull Media Network.

We will be joined by various guests in the session including Steven Hartley, Senior Marketing Consultant at Huawei, Marco Dias Silva – Edge Computing Ecosystem Manager at Vodafone Group, Rishi Kapoor from Paus TV and Dines from Studio Blup to talk about the future landscapes.

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