No Strings Attached To Fund, Foster & Support Creative Ideas

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Looking for an outlet for all your creative energy? No Strings is a unique initiative for young creatives who want to bring their projects to life!

We want to find four of the brightest new and emerging talents between the ages of 16-24; foster your idea and feed your appetite to kick start your creative career.

It doesn’t matter if you’re into gaming, scriptwriting or app production, as long as it fits under the banner of products that Creative England supports, then we want to hear from you.

We’re after exciting, innovative ideas – got a short film you’d like to develop? What about a TV or web short, the next big video game or a revolutionary app? All we ask is that your idea has originality, imagination and creativity at its core.

Our shortlisted creatives will be awarded a unique package of support from industry experts during a 10 day ‘creative countdown’. By the 10th day, you could have a project that’s pitch ready, a promo reel ready to show the world, a storyboarded video game or a script treatment itching to go into development – whatever fits with your idea and could be the springboard for its next phase.

Please Note: The application deadline for No Strings has now passed. Please keep an eye on the site for further announcements. For inquiries, please contact:

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