Nomad Games’ Talisman comes to Nintendo Switch

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Nomad Games has just released their digital adaptation of Talisman on the Nintendo Switch! Having already had much success with Talisman: Digital Edition on other platforms, Nomad Games are extremely excited to see Nintendo fans have their first try of this iconic board game.

Talisman was originally created as a board game in the 80s, and has been enjoyed by generations of gamers since then. Talisman: Digital Edition is the digital adaptation of the latest version of the physical game published by Pegasus Spiel. By bringing it to Nintendo Switch, Nomad Games are hoping a whole new generation of gamers will fall in love with this classic game.

When Nomad Games was originally created, it was founded out of the passion for both digital games and tabletop games. A group of industry veterans came together to create an independent games studio, and Creative England have helped to support their independence since their early days. Thanks to that support, Nomad Games have gone on to release 9 video games over the last 8 years, establishing themselves in the industry as an expert at adapting board games for digital platforms.

Thanks to the support of Creative England, Nomad Games were able to hire their first member of staff – who has continued to work at Nomad Games for 8 years since. By using the ‘Creative Skillset’ fund offered by Creative England, they were also able to further increase the number of staff at Nomad Games by hiring passionate, local talent.

It’s only thanks to the hard work of this creative local talent that Nomad Games has been able to carve out success for themselves in the UK video game development scene.

Find out more about Talisman Digital Edition here, available on Steam, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

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