Policy & Advocacy Priorities

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Policy & Advocacy Priorities

We’re cultivating a world where​ creativity is valued and nurtured; harnessing the power of the Creative Industries to build a stronger,​ fairer, and more prosperous future.​ 

We champion the priorities of our members, working with them to influence both policy and practice. Only through uniting all sectors of the Creative Industries with one powerful voice, can we keep government to account and campaign for change. The power of our advocacy, impact and voice would not be possible without our members: their ideas, action and resource are what makes all of this happen. 

Through consultation with our members, we have defined our long-term strategic priorities as People, Place and Planet, and in 2022-23, we will be giving particular focus to Redesigning Freelancing, Accessing Finance and Championing Creative Skills. 


Redesigning Freelancing 

Shaped by our members, partners and Freelancer Champions, Redesigning Freelancing aims to drive systemic change and build greater equity and sustainability into our freelance ecology. The initiative will produce a framework for creative freelancers to advocate best practice and signpost existing resources. It will develop new industry-led models to further secure the sustainability of freelance work.  

We need your support to help us shape and deliver the next phases of Redesigning Freelancing. For more information, contact Evy Cauldwell French (evy@wearecreative.uk). 


Access to Finance 

We need to ensure that a much greater diversity of creative entrepreneurs can access the finance they need to thrive, innovate and grow. With backing from industry, Access to Finance will produce a high-profile report, to be published November 2022, which combines unique research, case studies and voices from across the creative sector and beyond, to build a compelling case to those with the means to make a difference. This will be accompanied by ongoing public affairs activity to ensure our recommendations are adopted and enacted.  

We will be developing a member advisory group. For more information, or to be involved, contact Amanda Stevens (amanda.stevens@wearecreative.uk) 


Championing Creative Skills 

Our members identified a hypothesis they believe needs to be interrogated; that many young people, and particularly those from ethnically diverse and lower socio-economic backgrounds, are not pursuing a creative career because those who influence them undervalue, or have a lack of knowledge and awareness of, creative jobs. Building upon research into this area, we will lead a campaign which aims to increase positive sentiment toward the value of creative jobs, among targeted parents, guardians, teachers and cultural influencers; informing them of the career choices of the next generation. Longer term, the initiative aims to provide measurable feedback on accessibility and talent pipelines from both young people and employers. 

For more information, contact Lee Hornsby (lee@wearecreative.uk)


Bullying & Harassment 

We are convening representatives from across the creative industries to act in response to bullying and harassment. Industry is leading on the development of codes of conduct, training, and an Independent Standards Authority with the ability to act where there are gaps in provision. 

For more information, contact Sarah Gregory (sarah.gregory@wearecreative.uk). 


Have Your Voice Heard 

Throughout the year, we work with members to advocate changes to public policy on a number of other cross-cutting areas. We listen to our members through our UK Council, Network Meetings, roundtables, surveys and polls, and act quickly on their recommendations, ideas and concerns. 

We invite you to help shape and drive our policy and advocacy through our Network Meetings, which include: Creative Education & Futures; Diversity & Inclusion; Trade Body Representatives. 

For more information, get in touch with your partnership manager, or membership@wearecreative.uk. 

Our members have exclusive access to the research we commission.