Preparing for international film markets

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Film markets and festivals going on-line, or delivering hybrid versions, means that they are more accessible than ever. It doesn’t matter where you are based or where the market is located, it has never been easier to access. The challenge we now face is ensuring that film makers, as well as sales and distribution executives, can make the most of these opportunities.

How we communicate and network at virtual markets is a skill that all filmmakers will need in order to get cut-through with their projects and forge new relationships. The lack of opportunities to “pop in” to sales booths and chance meetings in bars, restaurants and events is not available in the same measure as in live events and meeting new people is a challenge. How do you effectively present yourself to the market in the Zoom era? How do you make these new connections? How do you adapt to evolving market and audience demands?

This sixth edition of Market Trader has been designed to take into account the changes the film industry is facing during times of COVID. Sessions have been devised to prepare participants for the world of online film markets as well as in-person. Each session of the various stages of the evolution of a project will discuss, inform and ensure you are aware of the current industry status and how things might evolve in the future.

We are delighted to be working with Creative England to deliver this highly successful programme and look forward to meeting our 2020/21 participants. For more information about the programme please go here.

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