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We have gathered together some resources from across the web, created for those working and studying in the creative industries. Stay tuned for our new student portal launching in 2022.


Disability Arts Online: Free Artist Development Sessions

Disability Arts Online is offering one-to-one artist development sessions with their team of experts.

Failsafe Zine: A creative’s handbook for failure

An antidote for your insecurity. A creative pick-me-up for the global shutdown. Your failure friends in arms. You can think of this zine as a creative handbook for failure.

The Hub’s Balance Toolkit: Mental Health Support

Packed with tips on how to have a healthier mind and a healthier business, The Hub’s Balance toolkit includes bitesize video clips, quick reads, audio content, exercises and illustrations, all designed to help you balance your mind AND your books.

This is Wlyd: Access Support With Grant Application Writing (Differently Abled/Neurodiverse)

For individuals who want to apply for a grant to Arts Council England who are disabled, including dyslexia or dyspraxia, there is support through Arts Council’s access support programme.

CCQ Magazine: Free Digital Magazine

Featuring collaborations, projects & interviews with contemporary artists in high quality print

The Disability And………Podcast

At the heart of some of the most pressing issues in arts, culture and beyond with a series of bold, provocative and insightful interviews with disabled artists, key industry figures and the odd legend.

DACS: Social Media & IP – Understanding The Terms and Conditions

This factsheet, looks at the terms and conditions of social media websites to help visual artists understand their rights when using the platforms.

Copyright and Moral Rights: New Legislation (Part 1)

Learn about the 1988 Copyright Act

Artquest: Copyright and Moral Rights: New Legislation (Introduction)

Learn about the 1988 Copyright Act

Licensing Artwork Guide: Negotiating and Monitoring Royalty Payments

Licensing agreements are important for establishing clarity and ensuring fairness.

Free Creative Industries Career Guide by The Gallyry

This free careers guide is here to give you industry resources, professional advice, and creative inspiration.

In Conversation – Interview Series by No Jobs In The Arts

An audio interview series where six people of colour, explore their experiences of inclusivity, accessibility, and self-empowerment in the arts.

Theatre Centre: Free Online Writing Courses

A resource for teachers and young people navigating classroom and remote learning.

Young Barbican: Get discounted tickets to unmissable art and entertainment

For 14–25 year olds

POCC Current Jobs

Job listings

Birmingham Design Slack Community

Engage with designers living and working in the West Midlands, exchange ideas, collaborate and be a supportive network of friends and co-workers.

Black Sound Society Resources

The BSS provides a network for advice to support those already established in the industry as well as offering help and guidance to the next generation of black sound technicians.

The JobPod: Advertising

The not so boring, actually relevant careers information podcast.

Design Council’s Sustainable Living Report

Design Council’s delivery of evidence-based and design-led programmes helps build design skills and mindsets, connect designers with non-designers, produce and influence policy and inspire others.

The Grad’s Guide to breaking into Editorial Illustration

7 ways to get more illustration work

Podcast: Exposed Negative

A resource for the editorial and commercial photography industry.

BBC Creative U

A 10-week creative course in advertising for Ethnic Minority applicants aged 18+

General Assembly: Free Learning Resources on Coding, Data, Design and Digital Marketing

Dive into coding, data, design, digital marketing, and product management with our library of free classes, guides, and tools!

7 easy steps to calculate the cost price of your creative product

How to calculate your hourly or daily freelance design rate?

How do you calculate your freelance design rate?

Find out if you are charging enough.

Bookkeeping Invoice Templates

Twitter thread

Community Database: Cartoonists of Color/Queer Cartoonists/Disabled Cartoonists

The databases are used by booksellers, librarians, academics, editors, book publishers, event organizers, readers, and more.

Want A Creative Job?

Resource to support you in getting a creative job.

UK Writers College: Writing Competitions and Events

If you are looking to take your writing to the next level, then entering a writing competition often provides that extra impetus to refine your work.

Community: The Dots

The professional network for people who don’t wear suits to work

Interview: Lydia Pang: Global Design Director at Nike | Industry Leaders

Youtube video with Lydia Pang, Global Creative Director at Nike.

Intern Magazine: Tara Anand

The School of Visual Arts student whose stirring commissioned illustrations are balanced by an impactful, personal body of work

Black Artists Grant Opportunities

No-strings attached financial support to help black artists.

Everything designers need to know about residencies!

With traditional creative opportunities uprooted because of the pandemic, Design Week explores how residency programmes can help fill the gap.

Creative Lives: Product Designer Chelsi Alise Cocking on how setbacks can be fulfilling

How setbacks can actually help propel your career.

Access VFX Podcast 44: the Trouble with Teenage Talent

In this podcast, we deep-dive into ways the industry is helping young people, what more can be done and how teachers and parents can nurture blossoming creative passion.

Screen Skills: How to approach employers

Many jobs in the screen industries aren’t advertised. To get jobs, you are likely to need to approach employers and let them know what you are capable of.


Bectu is the union for creative ambition


A joint initiative between Equity, The Stage, the British Association for Performing Arts Medicine and Spotlight.

Creative Writing and Critical Reading

This free course explores the importance of reading as part of a creative writer’s development at the postgraduate level.

The Business of Film

This free online course shows you how film production works.

Approaching Prose Fiction

This free course is designed to develop the analytical skills you need for a more in-depth study of literary texts.

Approaching poetry

This free course is designed to develop the analytical skills you need for a more in-depth study of literary texts.

Approaching plays

This free course is designed to develop the analytical skills you need for a more in-depth study of literary plays.

Young People in the Arts

A social network for arts professionals at the outset of their careers.

What Next?

A free UK wide movement bringing together freelancers and small and large arts organisations to inform, debate and shape the future of the arts and culture.

Headway Arts

A national centre for arts and inclusion


All the best career advice in one place

Screen Skills – Insight

Browse research, masterclasses, career maps and other useful information published by ScreenSkills and trusted partners.


A hub for inspirational career advice from the very best in film, games and television

Discover Creative Careers Directory

Bringing together careers information and opportunities from creative organisations in one explorable directory.

Creative Boom Podcast: Season One

Unfiltered and light-hearted, welcome to The Creative Boom Podcast, featuring candid conversations with a diverse mix of creatives.

Lecture In Progress Journal

Advice, insight and first-hand accounts of creative career journeys, aimed at helping you find your way in the industry.

Copyright: The Basics

Copyright is a type of intellectual property right that protects things such as books, films, music, photographs

Are you interested in crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding lets you ask for small amounts of money from a large number, instead of the usual model of asking large amounts of money from a small number of people.

Personal Branding Guide From Lecture In Progress

Guides designed to help you step into your creative career with confidence.

Tips On Making Connections From

Guides designed to help you step into your creative career with confidence.

Portfolio Website Guide From Lecture In Progress

Guides designed to help you step into your creative career with confidence.

Creative Boom Step-By-Step Freelance Guide

A step-by-step guide to help you start a business.

Advice For Funding Applications From Help Musicians

We know that applying for financial support can be a daunting process. We’ve put together a few blogs to help you along at each stage of the process.

Graphic Design: How To Find Work

Learn how to get your name known.

How To Pay Yourself As a Freelancer

Working as a sole trader consists of a simple operational structure and a limited number of responsibilities, giving you the flexibility to juggle self-employed life and your commitments to HMRC with ease.

Step by Step Guide To Funding Applications

An easy, step-by-step guide to filling out a funding application.

Voicemag’s Self-Employment Guide

Answers to a few questions about being self employed.

Artquest’s Primer Artist Guide

Everything that new graduates need to know about being an artist.

BBC Writing Opportunities & Events

Explore new writing opportunities and events from the BBC and across the industry.

We Are Stripes Mentorship Programme

Sign up with us if you would like to have a creative industry mentor. Our mentors are from branding, film, production, advertising, visual effects and more.

TalentLab Opportunities

TalentLab is designed to help Black, Asian and multicultural storytellers from the worlds of film, digital, photography, theatre, spoken word, music and dance to take their raw ideas, develop them to fruition and get them made, heard, seen and shown.

BAFTA UK Scholarship Programme

The BAFTA UK scholarship programme is open to British citizens in need of financial assistance to take eligible undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the UK.

Is Freelancing For You?

To make a success of freelancing you’ll need the business acumen to build a client base and the ability to manage your finances

NABS Career Support

NABS offers free, confidential executive coaching to support you throughout your career journey.

NABS Advice Line

A confidential chat with one of our unbiased advisors could help make life’s difficult decisions a little bit easier to make.

What Are Design Rights?

Design rights protects the appearance, the shape and/or configuration of objects – so how your product looks for example. Design rights arise automatically and can also be registered.

How to go freelance, your step-by-step guide

There are many reasons why you might want to go freelance. It might be that you’re sick of working for someone else and you’d love to be your own boss.