Other Opportunities

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iFeatures is open to live action, fiction, feature-length projects that intend to finance within a budget range of £500-750k. It is designed for talent with projects which are primed and ready for an intensive personal and project development experience that provides focus to a momentum that already exists.

If you are at an earlier stage in your creative career or your project requires earlier stage development work first, then the BFI NETWORK with Talent Executives based across the UK may offer the right opportunities for you.

If you are looking only or primarily for development funding then there are other avenues available, such as the BFI FILM DEVELOPMENT FUND or BBC FILMS.

If you are looking only or primarily for production funding then we recommend you take a look at the BFI PRODUCTION FUND or BBC FILMS.

If your project is a documentary feature, support is available through BFI DOC SOCIETY.

If your project is an animated feature, support is available through the BFI NETWORK FILM HUBS, BFI FILM DEVELOPMENT FUND and the BFI PRODUCTION FUND.

If your project and/or team are based in Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales, support for feature development and production may also be available from the following film bodies:


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