Breaking into Podcasting – Participant Feedback

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Delivered by the Creative UK: Manchester programme, ‘Breaking into Podcasting’ was a two-day development workshop in partnership with Audio Always aimed at creative businesses and individuals based in the Greater Manchester region.

15 participants from the Greater Manchester region attended the 2 days from 23rd to 24th November 2022 and received insight into all things podcasting. From learning how to create unique podcast formats, to recording perfect audio, to getting podcasts heard by listeners. To top it all off participants also received hands-on experience in a fully equipped professional studio, at MediaCityUK.

Here’s some feedback from the sessions:

“Excellent speakers at the top of their game in a fun environment. It has given me an insight into everything that’s involved and made me realise how little I knew. The workshop also led to a concrete business lead – thank you!”Louise Lynch (Libra TV)

“Knowledgeable team, great presentations and really interesting workshop with lots of hands on experience. It’s clear the team are passionate about podcasts – Bravo!”Natasha (Northern Heart Films)

“This felt like a really safe space to ask questions and not feel stupid. Before coming into this I had no idea about the marketing required for a successful podcast. We were given very clear and practical advice on getting started. Applying what we had learned in the hands on sessions. Just the right mix of theory and practical with friendly experts on hand to answer all and any questions”Anonymous

“Olivia and Nadia (Creative UK) were so helpful and personable. Everything about the course was superb. This was unbelievably entertaining and informative. Priceless content. I felt empowered to go out and create a podcast myself. I always assumed I simply listened to podcasts, but now I feel I can also produce one myself in the near future.”Hilary Easter Jones (Alison Wonderland Ltd)

“Paul and Leanne from Audio Always were super friendly and helpful & the Creative UK team were super too. I’ll be launching a podcast soon as an extension of my current business offer. Fabulous workshop which de-mystifies the podcasting process”Lynne (The Morra)

The workshop was delivered through a mix of interactive seminars, guest interviews, workshops and practical training from the Audio Always team. Nadia Adofo, Programme Manager for Creative UK: Manchester, said:

“Seeing participants come together and come up with ideas for podcasts that have only met a few hours previously was just brilliant to see. Everyone had a chance to record a small intro for their podcast and I can honestly say I am really excited to see what the participants will do next with it – we gave them the core fundamentals for them to give it a real go.

I enjoy putting on these in person events because it brings creative people together that wouldn’t necessarily have come across each other and gives them a chance to connect. Hearing the positive feedback and how useful people have found it really encourages us to do more.”

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