Unlocking the Potential of the Creative Industries Post-Brexit

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The UK creative industries are world-leading. Through its creative industries, the UK has cultivated and attracted world-leading creative talent, generated and supported new ideas and innovations, and unlocked the export potential of British content and services. But it is precisely because of this that the majority of the sector was reluctant to leave the European Union at the time of the Referendum. The ease of movement of both people and goods had been crucial to the sector’s economic and global success. Negotiating and navigating the new relationship with the EU has brought with it both challenges and opportunities.

As we navigate our new relationship with the EU it is vital that we secure the future of the UK creative industries. We must ensure that everybody who works in the sector, no matter their background, is able to access opportunities to contribute to the success of the creative industries. It is therefore critical that new processes and procedures do not de facto exclude emerging talent, due to insurmountable financial and/or administrative burdens. A similar challenge exists for freelance workers, who may not have access to the resources to navigate complex new regulations.

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