“We are here for those who dare to imagine” – Creative UK launches with a new brand identity as the Creative Industries Federation and Creative England join forces

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Creative UK has today launched with a new brand identity and mission to connect and empower the creative sector, following the coming together of the Creative Industries Federation and Creative England. The two organisations announced plans to join forces in September 2019, and have been working collectively under the Creative UK Group holding company since early 2020, led by Chief Executive and Creative England Founder Caroline Norbury MBE. 

As the independent network for the UK’s Creative Industries, Creative UK’s purpose is to harness the power of creativity and amplify the voice of its membership, to build a fairer and more prosperous world. Merging the industry insights and advocacy work of the Creative Industries Federation with the practical support and investment work of Creative England, Creative UK connects and champions creative people and businesses, offering unrivalled opportunities for them to grow and thrive.

Creative UK’s founding organisations have achieved significant impact throughout the creative sector, most recently in their work together as the Creative UK Group. In 2020, campaign activity to raise awareness of the potentially devastating effects of Covid-19 led to unprecedented levels of government intervention. Recognising the creative sector’s potential to drive growth and recovery, the Creative UK Group awarded over £4.1 million in loans and grants during the 2020-21 financial year, £3.2 million of which leveraged an additional £2.13 million in private investment for some of the UK’s most promising creative businesses. 

As Creative UK, the core values that were key to these successes and initiatives remain constant. While continuing to connect, represent and amplify a diverse and inclusive membership of industry change makers, Creative UK’s investment and mentoring opportunities provide expert resources, financing and support to deliver real impact, enabling UK talent to compete on the world stage. 

Caroline Norbury MBE, CEO, Creative UK, said: “We are thrilled to launch our new Creative UK brand and with it, our vision for the future of the UK’s world-leading Creative Industries. Our goal is simple: to cultivate a world where creativity is championed, valued and fundamentally nurtured. To achieve this, we need to unite the creative sector, generating opportunities for creators and innovators to thrive, and equipping them with the tools they need to reach their full potential.

“Our new identity embraces the core values behind our founding organisations, while looking firmly toward the stronger future we want to foster for our sector.By coalescing the collective capabilities of Creative England and the Creative Industries Federation, and drawing on the insights and experience of our growing membership, we are perfectly positioned to have visible impact and drive real change. As Creative UK we’re continuing to champion great ideas and fly the flag for brilliance, investing in creative businesses, people and places to unleash innovation, unlock entrepreneurialism and level up all towns, cities and regions throughout the UK. 

“We believe in the power of creativity to shape the UK’s social, cultural and economic future and we are here for those who dare to imagine.”


Rachel Johnson, Head of Brand, Creative UK, said: “When developing the brand identity for Creative UK, we strived to create something truly representative of our past and future, continuing the legacy of Creative England and the Creative Industries Federation whilst establishing a distinctive brand for a new era. Creative UK exists to connect creative people and businesses, create a unique space for collaboration and ultimately, empower them to amplify themselves. 

The Amplify logo represents our brand ethos of giving creatives a platform for their voices to be heard with a bold, recognisable and translatable icon, supported by a bespoke handcrafted typeface designed with the creative community in mind.” 

To develop the new brand, Creative UK engaged the digital design expertise of the Multivitamin Group, to devise an inclusive and cohesive identity that reflects the ambition, diversity and scope of the new organisation. Today’s brand reveal includes the launch of Creative UK’s new website wearecreative.uk which incorporates a new bespoke font also created by the Multivitamin Group. 

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