Where Was ‘An Inspector Calls’ Filmed?

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David Thewlis makes a return to the small screen for ‘An Inspector Calls’, the stylish new adaptation of JB Priestley’s highly acclaimed stage play set in 1912.

Thewlis takes the lead as Inspector Goole who arrives at the home of the wealthy Birling family in an attempt to solve the mystery of the suicide of Eva Smith, a working class woman with links to the family. Miranda Richardson and Ken Scott star as Mr and Mrs Birling, both of whom reveal some dark and disturbing secrets under the Inspector’s grueling interrogation.

The show is one of four literary dramas commissioned by the BBC as part of their season on classic 20th Century Literature and Creative England’s Production Services team were on hand to provide crewing and location support.

‘An Inspector Calls’ Filming Locations

Filming for BBC One’s ‘An Inspector Calls’ took place primarily in North York during February and March 2015 and benefitted from the use of our Film Partnerships. These bespoke collaborations offer councils and local authorities a hassle-free service that guarantees film productions are met with a friendly welcome when shooting in the English regions.

For ‘An Inspector Calls’, our Production Liaison Manager for Yorkshire, Chris Hordley, worked closely with our Film Partners in Ryedale Council, Scarborough Council and Bradford City of Film to secure necessary filming permissions and ensure the shoot went as smoothly as possible.

Perhaps the most notable location featured in the show is Scampston Hall in Rydale, North Yorkshire which was used as the home of the Birling family. Scenes featuring both the interior and exterior of the property can be seen throughout the show as Inspector Goole meticulously interrogates each family member. Scampston Hall can also be found on our Locations Database, a free service that puts productions in touch with amazing locations and property owners across the UK.

Other locations include Scarborough seafront which appears when Eva leaves to get away from Brumley, while scenes involving the fictional Palace Variety Theatre Bar, Milward’s Department Store and the dining room of the County Hotel were all shot on location in the Green Man pub in Malton.

For Eva’s bed-sit boarding house, the production utilised two Malton locations – York House for interior shots and Hardcastle Franks Accountants on Chancery Lane for exteriors. Norton Primary School was also used to recreate two sequences; one involving a period infirmary and another which involved the school doubling as a town house.

Salt’s Mill in Saltaire, Bradford was used as the exterior of Mr Birling’s factory where Eva works, with Queens Mill in Burnley acting as the interior. Additional street scenes were filmed in and around Saltaire Village.

Mark Gladwin, Location Manager for ‘An Inspector Calls’ said:

“I would like to thank Creative England for the fantastic help and support during our filming in Yorkshire. The information provided for locations and council contacts was invaluable. This help made the shoot run smoothly and was a positive experience all-round.”

Creative England’s Crewing and Facilities Manager Nicky Ball facilitated 3 jobs on BBC One’s ‘An Inspector Calls’, resulting in a total of 87 days of work. Creative England’s Crew and Facilities Database is free for regional crew members and services to join and can help find work in productions big and small.

Howard Ella, Producer of ‘An Inspector Calls’ said,

“Yorkshire offered the perfect backdrop for the shoot providing a wealth of period locations, brilliant access to stunning countryside and coast and flexible spaces for the creation of specific sets – all within a positive and film friendly environment.  Add to that the support of Creative England with access to locations, assistance with permissions and thorough knowledge of Yorkshire based crew and you have a county that really is the perfect base for production.”

For more information about filming in Yorkshire, filming in Scarborough or filming in Bradford visit our Production Services page.

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