Where Was ‘This is England ’90’ Filmed?

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Shane Meadows’ long awaited return to ‘This is England’ has finally arrived on Channel 4, reuniting eager fans with Shaun, Woody and the rest of the gang as they embark on a new decade.

‘This is England ‘90’ picks up two years after the previous series and finds the familiar crew embarking on the drug fuelled rave culture of the ’90s. Will Shaun manage to repair the damage he caused with Smell? Can Woody and Lol survive suburban married life? Will the 90’s pill-popping craze prove too much for some to handle? All will be revealed in this new, and reportedly final, series.

‘This is England ‘90′ Filming Locations

For the latest instalment of the series, director Shane Meadows returned to areas across Sheffield and Yorkshire, many of which were used during the production of ‘This is England ‘86’ and ‘88′. However the majority of ‘This is England ‘90’ was filmed in Sheffield and as such, many well known areas and buildings can be seen throughout the series transformed into characters’ houses or venues key to the story.

A property in Stannington, Sheffield, can be seen as the home of the show’s main character Shaun, played by Tom Turgoose. Meanwhile, the newly-reunited Woody and Lol, played by Joe Gilgun and Vicky McClure, can be found in Lowedges, also in Sheffield.

The pub visited by the gang in all three series of ‘This is England’ is in fact Sheffield local, The John O’Gaunt, while the flat Harvey (Michael Socha) and Gadget (Andrew Ellis) use to get high and play Super Nintendo in can be found on Sheffield’s Park Hill Estate. The college attended by Smell (Rosamund Hanson) and her gothic New Romantic friends is in fact Norton College in Sheffield and the war memorial in the cemetery can be found in Burngrave Cemetery.

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