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Creative UK was established in 2021 by bringing Creative England and the Creative Industries Federation together.

By merging the industry insights and advocacy work of the Federation with the practical support and investment work of Creative England, we aim  to have a visible impact and drive real change.

Creative UK Holding Ltd is a private company limited by guarantee and serves as the non-trading umbrella organisation for the merged businesses of Creative England, its investment arm, Creative UK Investment, and the Creative Industries Federation.  

Our board has been formed by merging the existing boards of Creative England Limited and Creative Industries Federation and comprises individuals that demonstrate specific knowledge, skills, business expertise and experience in the creative industries. 


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Our mandate comes from our members who have a direct say in what we do and how we do it. Our UK Council plays a vital role in determining and shaping our impact priorities, steering policy positions and sharing crucial insights from across industry and the UK. It is made up of appointed members from each UK nation and region, the full spectrum of creative sub-sectors, businesses big and small, freelancers and practitioners and education providers.

We also listen to our members through our place-based hubs, working groups, roundtables, surveys and polls, and collaborate with them to take action through member-led initiatives such as public-facing campaigns. We believe in the strength of speaking and acting as one, convening the full breadth of the sector and all parts of the UK. 


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