Creative England Report Outlines Top 50 Creative Companies for 2016

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The CE50 report celebrates the best companies and brightest creative talent leading the pack for creative industries across England. Click here to view the report.

Chosen by a panel of industry experts, the CE50 for 2016 includes a wide selection of the country’s best creatives: all the way from filmmakers and production companies to marketing software firms and independent games studios. The companies selected have not only demonstrated creative flare, but also proven to be commercially robust, successful ventures across their sectors.

The report was launched today at our flagship event, ‘CELive 2016: Catalyse‘. The event aimed to shine a light on the richness of talent outside of London, along with new ideas and initiatives that dynamic regional people and companies have produced with and without our help.

Here at Creative England we have unprecedented access to networks of creative talent across England and with the CE50 report, alongside CELive 2016: Catalyse, we hope to draw the attention of bigger, commercial companies to the small disruptors across the country to help foster more creativity and innovative collaboration.

Also included in the announcement are our chosen Future Leaders – 10 companies backed by the organisation, voted to be trailblazers in their field by a panel of judges including Creative England CEO Caroline Norbury, Facebook UK director Steve Hatch and Karen Blackett OBE, Chairwoman of MediaCom.

These include Braci, a West Midlands-based trio who developed a smart phone app to help people with hearing impairments; Mihaibao in the North West, a fashion website that aims to transform your web browser into a one-stop shopping mall; and Duck Soup Films, a production company founded by BAFTA and EMMY award winners.

Caroline Norbury, CEO at Creative England, said:

“Creative talent and industry leaders can be found across the entire country, not just in London, and here at Creative England we are proud to support and harness that talent and help give people with fantastic plans the opportunity to be successful.”

Steve Hatch, Facebook UK Director, said:

“The benefits of their innovative ideas lie not just in creating jobs and fuelling regional economies, but solving problems across a variety of sectors, from healthcare and education to retail.”

“The CE50 enables us to be inspired and to surface the 50 most interesting, most future-focused creative companies in the UK. What Creative England understand is that with the evolution of technology, combined with the abundance of talent that exists, there is so much opportunity and so much creative work happening. CE50 enables us to see who the very best of the best are.”

Every region in England has been recognised in the Future Leaders list and highlights Creative England’s commitment to connecting talented people and small businesses with big global players from across industry sectors.

To read more about our Future Leaders, click here. To take a look at all of the companies selected for the CE50 report, click here.

To find out more about ‘CELive 2016: Catalyse’, visit our hub page or join the conversation on Twitter using #CELive2016.

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