Creative UK’s Caroline Norbury OBE responds to the Creative Industries Policy & Evidence Centre’s Good Work Review

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Statement from Caroline Norbury OBE, Chief Executive, Creative UK, in response to the Creative Industries Policy & Evidence Centre’s Good Work Review

“Today’s publication of the Good Work Review provides crucial insights into our creative workforce and highlights the work that must still be done to ensure creative careers are fulfilling, sustainable and rewarding for all.  

While it is positive news that job satisfaction for creative workers outperforms that of the wider economy, the concerns the Review raises regarding freelancers are particularly worrying. Despite making up nearly a third of our sector, we have seen an increase in freelancers leaving creative roles, exacerbated in part by the Covid-19 pandemic when too many self-employed were left without financial support. At a time when the creative sector is facing a potentially debilitating skills shortage, we simply cannot afford to lose talented creatives to other industries. 

If we are to unlock the potential of UK’s creative economy to drive growth and prosperity, it is vitally important that we both retain and invest in our talented freelance workforce. Creative UK has launched Redesigning Freelancing to address this specific challenge, working with freelancers and creative organisations to drive change and ensure a fair and equal playing field.  

In better understanding the needs of freelancers, the Creative Industries can provide a blueprint for how to support workers, empowering them to fulfil their full potential and attracting the next generation of talent into rewarding creative professions. 

The Good Work Review is available via

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