The True Value of Creative Industries Digital Exports

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The True Value of Creative Industries Digital Exports

The UK’s creative exports are worth £21bn, according to new research on the value of digital trade. This means creative digital exports could be £6bn higher than the previous estimates.

Other findings include:

  • creative industries export £46bn in goods and services, up by nearly £10bn
  • £31bn of total creative exports are services, up from £22bn

From BBC’s Blue Planet to the Tom Clancy video games, our British creative exports are recognised across the globe and give the UK invaluable soft power.

Previous estimates have not been able to capture the full extent of the UK’s digital trade, including: musical artists gaining financial value from YouTube views of their music around the world, and designers and developers reaping the rewards of online game downloads.

This research was undertaken by the Creative Industries Federation and the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr), sponsored by the Creative Industries Council (CIC) and supported by the Department for International Trade. It includes contributions from creative businesses and members of the Federation and CIC from across the UK.